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#UKalcohol Twitter chat - 11th June 8pm

Jun 11, 2014

A planned Twitter discussion on addressing alcohol harms will take place on Wednesday the 11th June at 8pm on the theme of addressing alcohol within hospital settings and hospital admissions data. To take part just sign in to Twitter and use #UKalcohol

#UKalcohol discussion 11th June: alcohol in hospital settings

The planned pilot discussion is intended to cover the broad theme of addressing alcohol-related problems in hospital settings. A number of issues are being suggested as ‘discussion starters’:

·       What Alcohol Attributable Fractions (AAFs) are – and are they useful?

·       The shift from broad to narrow measures for AFFs

·       Chronic and acute admissions - how and why they are different 

·       Lags between changing consumption patterns and admissions rates

·       Alcohol Liaison Teams – are these impacting on admission figures?

For more information please see #UKalcohol Twitter discussion outline.pdf