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Clarifying brief Interventions: 2013 update

Dec 5, 2013

The Academy has produced a new briefing paper, Clarifying Alcohol Brief Interventions 2013 Update [pdf] as an update to the orginal 2010 briefing.

Co-authored by Professor Nick Heather, Don Lavoie and James Morris, the briefing reflects recent developments in the field and key issues relating to the national implementation effort.

In particular, the briefing identifies 'IBA lite' or 'minimal brief intervention' - an approach whereby at-risk drinkers are offered only feedback and a leaflet, as opposed to structured brief advice offered as part of IBA. Another issue is whether shorter screening tools such as AUDIT-C or FAST can be used to lead straight to brief advice without completing the full AUDIT.

Read the full Clarifying alcohol brief interventions: 2013 update [pdf] briefing including the updated table distinguishing key approaches and differences.

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