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London IBA Network

Jul 27, 2013

As part of its commitment to support the roll out of alcohol Identification and Brief Advice (IBA) across London, the London Health Improvement Board (LHIB) established an IBA Practitioners’ Network.

The Alcohol Academy is commissioned to faciliate the IBA Practitioner's Network which is open to health, social care and other front-line roles working in London. The aim of the Network is to promote the delivery of IBA amongst tier 1 roles by acting as a forum and support network for members.

By joining the network, practitioners are expected to:

  • To act as a local leader for IBA delivery within their locality/setting
  • To engage in the network through events, discussion and support to members

N.B. Membership is open to a wide range of front-line practitioners with the opportunity to deliver IBA, but is not intended for drug and alcohol specialist roles, strategic or commissioning leads. However these roles can help promote the Network and input into its offer.

If you are interested in joining the network as a London based front-line practitioner, please see here for the IBA Network Membership Invitation.pdf or email

See here for:

See here for write ups from Network events:

Future events will be announced shortly.