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Home drinking symposium

Dec 2, 2010

The AERC Alcohol Academy, in partnership with the Department of Health West Midlands, delivered a symposium 'Home drinking: repsonding to a shift in consumption' on the 2nd December 2010 in Birmingham.

Over recent years, a significant shift in consumption has taken place. It is believed that now 65% of all alcohol is now sold by off-licensed premises, indicating a strong shift in consumption away from pubs and bars and towards ‘home drinking’. As a result of this trend, drinking contexts have significantly changed. The demise of the traditional British pub versus and the rise of supermarket sales has sparked many questions about alcohol’s price, availability and environment.

The symposium 'Home drinking: responding to a significant shift in consumption' explored what is known about these changes and what policy leads and commissioners should consider in response. Below some presentations from the day and associated reports are made available:

The Academy will shortly produce a briefing paper summarising the key discussions and reccomendations for alcohol and policy leads.