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Academy North East workshops

Feb 19, 2010

North East Alcohol Academy workshops - presentations

During Febraury 2010 the AERC Alcohol Academy, in partnerhsip with Balance, delivered 4 workshops for alcohol leads in the North East:

Workshop 1: Alcohol and Older People presentations

  • 'Alcohol and Older People: context, issues and the future?' James Morris, Alcohol Academy download here (pdf)
  • 'Alcohol risk and harm in later life: A research study in collaboration with Age Concern South of Tyne and Wear' Dr Katie Lock, Newcastle University  download here (pdf)
  • 'The White House Project' A pilot project for older people with alcohol needs, Mandy English, Debbie Peebles and Mark Stephenson download here (pdf)

Workshop 2: Cocaethylene presentations

Note: Download the Academy's Cocaethylene briefing paper here.

Workshop 3: Alcohol and Domestic Violence

  • 'Alcohol and domestic violence perpetrators: safe(r) working practices' Karen Bailey, Stella Project download here (ppt)
  • 'Substance Misuse and Domestic Abuse: Dual Issues, an Integrated Response' Frazer Hill, Gail Murphy; A county Durham study  download here (pdf)

Workshop 4: Children and Young People

  • 'Policy context for alcohol, children and young people' Libby Razetta, AERC Alcohol Academy Download here (pdf)
  • 'Alcohol and young people: research and policy implications' Michela Morleo Alcohol Research Manager Download here (pdf)